Tom Couzens

International junior road and cyclocross rider


My name is Tom Couzens and I am a second year road and cyclocross rider for the Zappi Junior Racing team. I have been cycling for 5 years and joined Zappi's as a second year under 14 where I have progressed through the ranks from the youth team to where I am now apart of the Zappi Junior Racing team. Next year I hope to improve and build on the experiences that I have gained as a first year with big aims  including winning a UCI 1,1 classic in the first half of the year.


Without everyone's help and support I wouldn't be where I am, so thank you very much to every single person who has helped me out in anyway, I am so grateful for all of your support.

image1 (6).jpeg

I am very lucky to be supported by pedal potential who will be helping to fund me financially for this season so am very excited to see what this season holds with their support.

Without the help and support of my team, it wouldn't be possible to get to most of the races that I do and I wouldn't be able to enter races of the calibre that we do as a team, so a very big thank you to everyone at Zappi's who help run and manage the team and give us 7 junior riders such great opportunities 

I am lucky enough to be supported by one of the best energy bar companies out there, these natural energy bars not only taste absolutely amazing but are packed full of energy and have been helping to keep me fueled through my long rides this winter and I can't wait to use them during this road season. 


 I am very lucky to have the support of Galibier in providing me with some winter kit to keep me warm and dry and helping through those long winter miles in comfort, as well as making me visible to the other road users with the bright yellow strips along the back of the jacket. I am looking foreward to spending quite a number of miles in this kit.

For more information or any enquiries please use the form below.

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