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Tom Couzens 


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My name is Tom Couzens and I am a fourth year under 23 cyclist currently living in Yorkshire completing an apprenticeship in quantity surveying and racing my bike on and off road all across the country and northern Europe. I am currently riding for the Montezuma's Racing Team for this cyclocross season,  I can't wait to get going again with this mega cool team this winter. 

Photo by Andy Jones

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Photo by Ollie Maynard photography


EFS wheels 
Brown bag protein
Galibier fine bike wear


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EFS = Engineered for Speed

The name tells you all you need to know about these wheels, they are quick and I have absolutely loved putting them to the test the past few years on the road and now I am incredibly excited to be riding their tubular disc wheelsets on my cross bikes this year. You can also go and treat yourself to 10% off a set with the code TOMC10.

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BrownBag protein

I spend hours and hours on the bike out training, pushing my body to the limit and so being able to recover between each session and race is vital. Luckily BrownBag protein provide the best tasting recovery drinks and products on the planet (The Biscoff whey protein is my personal favourite). The best thing is also their commitment to being as sustainable as possible, something I love and really support. Go check them out and get yourself 10% off with the code TOMC10


It's raining your training their moto goes and they are right. The rule book has been rewritten thanks to Spatz, from neoprene arm warmers to the warmest overshoes you will ever get your hands on. No weather is too harsh with Spatz. 

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Pedal potential has played an incredibly big part in my success as  a cyclist, by providing financial help to myself and many other cyclists it has allowed me to help chase my dream of becoming a professional cycling. Choosing a sport so expensive like cycling will always be a challenge and I can not thank pedal potential enough for their help. 


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